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May, 2002


Miami, Florida - Follow Your Instincts is the compilation of Lillian Monterrey's twenty years experience in the study and teaching of human instincts. Monterrey explains in this book what instincts are, and how understanding, connecting, and ultimately following the instincts can empower a person to create the life they really want.

"We were born perfectly programmed with the instinct blue print." When your intellect tells you one thing, but your instincts tell you something else, you are in conflict with yourself. The information in the book is about working through this conflict to connect with the truth inside oneself.

The book details in simple terms the three primary instincts: social, security, and sexual. Connecting to this information will lead to the following: better relationships, improved communication and assertiveness skills, understanding anger, freedom from guilt, managing fears, and experience true happiness, success and wealth.

"This book is a must read for everyone," says Dr. Robert Hersh, renowned member of the Dean's Council, University of Miami.

Author: Lillian Monterrey
Publisher: Monterrey Publishing
Contact: 305-558-1977
ISBNN 0-9717189-0-3 Soft Cover 275 pages


Instincts - The Answers To A Better Life

By Lillian Monterrey

Lillian Monterrey author of the self-help book, Follow Your Instincts has been an international motivational speaker for over 20 years. Through her seminars and workshops, she has empowered thousands of people to understand, connect with and follow their instincts to ultimately create the life they really want.

Having faced death several times as a result of an eating disorder, Lillian Monterrey spent years soul searching for answers. Once she understood her instincts, she found the answers to all of her life' difficulties, resulting in a life of inner peace, and happiness. After seeing the lives of thousands of her seminars attendees transformed, and years of people suggesting that she should write a book, Lillian decided that the time had come to put this information in printed form for all to read.

Lillian is the producer and host of the Follow Your Instincts radio talk show airing in Miami every Wednesday 11:00AM to noon on WAXY 790. The talk show's format is educational, motivational and inspirational to assist listeners to understand, connect with and ultimately follow their instincts - based on the information of this book. In addition, she is a motivational speaker, presenting lectures and workshops on the subject matter Lillian also devoted time to personal a coaching and consultation.

Contact: Lillian Monterrey 305-558-1977 or 1-800-731-8887

Follow Your Instincts
A self-discovery jorney for personal Empowerment
By: Lilian Monterrey
ISBN 0-9717189-0-3 Publication Date 4/01/02
Soft Cover 275 pages Price $14.95 U.S.

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Book Cover

Questions to ask Lillian Monterrey

Follow Your Instincts

A self-discovery journey for personal empowerment

1. How did you conceive the idea of the book?
2. Tell me how your life was transformed with this information.
3. Can you explain instincts and how many do we have?
4. You mentioned that the Social Instinct is the Relationship with yourself and others, could you elaborate on that?
5. Tell me more about the Security instinct?
6. Now, Lets talk about the taboo subject - Sex instinct. What do you mean?
7. How can a person use anger constructively?
8. What about fear and guilt?
9. You explain in your book your opinion on "poverty mentality" What do you mean by
10. Is the information in this book like reference material for future use. Was that your intent?
11. Would you be publishing more on the subject?
12. What is the ultimate goal of following your instincts?

To achieve peace of mind and be happiness!