The audience identified with the topic because so many of the concepts were relevant to their everyday lives as well as their professional lives. Ms. Monterrey kept the audience engaged the entire length of the program. The audience validated her effectiveness as a presenter by comments such as:

“The program was fabulous! The subject was presented in a lively, animated and joyful fashion.”
“I thought you were an excellent speaker, and the material was outstanding”.
“Lillian is an enthusiastic speaker.”
“Enjoyed her sense of humor, excellent program..”
“The program was a lot of fun –from beginning to end.”

“Since her presentation, I still get calls or email messages thanking me for bringing her to our facility.”

Joyce Beckford, RN, C MS
Director of Nursing Education
Memorial Regional Hospital, Florida

“Thank you for coming to speak to our staff. We have seen results just in the past few weeks. We were under quota because of poor morale, and now it looks like we are going to exceed our quota for July!

My staff loved your seminar and some of the things they learned and from your talk were:

  • Change your core beliefs and you will change your behavior.
  • Writing five thank you notes per day. This is HUGE, and has helped us acquire two new accounts just in the last few days.
  • When in a customer relationship challenge, to advice the client that the problem is being worked on. Do everything you can to get it fixed immediately.
  • Going the extra mile in service – helping prospects that may never become clients who may in turn refer business in the future.
  • Being extraordinary versus being mediocre. Thank you for a job well done!”

Laura Boone
Director of Sales
Payday of America

“The team at York Investments Corp. collectively takes this opportunity to thank you for the dynamic seminar you delivered in our office.

The use of your personal stories was a magnificent manner of breaking down barriers, and delivering a message that men or women could relate at different levels. The message was timeless. We learned that other people, culture and experience, if we allow it, could influence our feeling. We learned that everyone has instincts, but few of us follow them.

Shortly after the seminar sales have sharply increased, we can only attribute this increase to the huge impact that you left in our sales team. Once again, thank you for sharing your time with us.”

Max D. Perez
York Investments Corp.

"Thank you, I have been able to start my own business after reading your book. I developed the courage to quit my job."
- Joan S., Miami

"I absolutely loved your sex chapter. I was able to get in touch with some areas of my sexuality that I was not aware off."
- Daisy D., Fort Lauderdale

"I understand now that happiness, success, and wealth is an inside job."
- Stanley P., Miami Gardens

"After reading your book I began to develop a relationship with myself. I never knew I needed to do so. Thank you!"
- Maria E., Panama

"I loved your explanation about the Maternal Instinct. It helped me develop better relationships with my children."
- Kalika K., Puerto Rico

"After reading your book I begin to say NO easier than before, and learned how to set boundaries."
- Cheryl M., New York

"I want to thank you because the information in your guilt chapter has helped me to not allow my mother to manipulate me anymore."
- Lulu P., Dominican Republic.

"The way you explain the instincts has given me the road map to feel in control of feelings and ultimately my life.
- Mary T., Palm Beach

"After reading your book I have become more assertive and I'm able to set better boundaries with my wife's family."
- Howard P., Miami

"I used to be obsessed with my body image and now I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
- Bertha R.,Colombia

"Thank you, I have changed from being a procrastinator to a do it now person. I get so much accomplished now."
- Theresita M., Venezuela

"I am able to communicate better with my boyfriend since I connected with my instincts."
- Ana B., Colorado