Every Wednesday from 11am to Noon

As the producer and host of a weekly WAXY radio program in South Florida, Lillian Monterrey’s motivational, educational and inspirational talk show has featured guests such as Brian Tracy, Debbie Ford, W. Mitchell, Peter Montoya, Bill Lampton, Susan Ford Collins, and John St. Augustine.

The objective of the show is to help listeners like you to understand and connect with your instincts so that you can follow your instincts to create the life you really want.

Every guest and topic that we discuss in this program is dedicated to assist you to go within, to listen to your instincts and to discover the wealth of answers you have inside. Lillian and her guests offer the tools to empower you to create the success, wealth and happiness that you desire.

Lillian dedicates this hour in helping listeners with any personal or business questions they may have and looks forward to your call!

To speak with Lillian on the air call at 1-800-782-0790